Aunt Flo

Red soldiers, seeing the moon, Aunt Flo are some of the names by which menstruation is called. My favourite still remains Aunt Flo hence the title of my little blog. I am one of those who feel blessed to be alive today and this is attributed purely to the many choices women and girls have today than they did 100 years ago especially here in Africa.

Stories have been told of how a girl was confined in one place for hours just because she was seeing the moon. In Islam a woman is prohibited from touching the holy book let alone saying prayers during those three days. During those days she is also prohibited from sexual relations, at least i can relate with the latter for God knows it can be messy.

Today’s liberal woman however is spoilt for choice she can use either the disposable sanitary towel, tampons, reusable sanitary pads and the latest menstrual cup which i have come to appreciate so much.  I further recommend that any woman who can afford this latest accessory needs to spice up her dresser with this little funnel shaped 8 mm rubber cup.

Unfortunately for a lot of women and girls out there who are locked up in regressive cultures strengthened with hard to crack myths like ” the virgina is as a sacred place reserved for the penis therefore nothing should ever be inserted  there” Today more than ever i call out to all the girls, women and all the @HeforShe champions to join me in bursting this myth because #menstruationmatters !


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