Uganda Decides

Oh how i wish Thursday February  18th would end the 30year rule of this sectarian and corrupt political junta hiding under the guise of democracy!

Uganda is not a democratic state Mr. Museveni ( outgoing president of Uganda by fire by force) came to power by the barrel of the gun and he is quoted to have said he will not leave power except by the same. I ask myself why then does he conform to the democratic norm of elections. The man is scared of his own idea. It was better for him to rule Uganda as a military state, than declare  by the constitution assembly of 1996 that Uganda shall be a democratic state now he is panicking am almost sure this is gonna take him in a fit and tomorrow his hands will slip and he will tick Besigye.

The Mayhem in Kampala yesterday heightened by the gross abuse of human rights demonstrated by an errant police officer sitting on the laps of the woman MP for Kampala district, Md Nabila Naggayi.

I guess it is pointless finishing this blog because the winner did not as expected take it all but rather the looser won the day.  Autocracy, tyranny and dictatorship took the day…Let me go ahead and publish it two years later…..



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