African Feminists meeting May 2015

This should have been published 6 months ago, but to me the timing is still perfect because the African woman is not yet liberated. Aluta Continua…

For movie lovers let me jog your mind a little to Hollywood classics,to one of the best and most popular animations Hollywood has ever made, well correct me if lam wrong but it could have been Aladdin.

That is how I saw the world when i got to Nairobi for an 11 months employment exchange fellowship, one would imagine it was the environment but hell no! behold it was my first week’s experience at kazi, kiswahili word for job.

My day one to day three was a conference/workshop experience on the rights of women and how women are a significant variable for attainment of economic growth and development, that is why the African feminists thought it wise to come up with a common position which they will present this July in Addis Ababa when civil society and government representatives  meet to discuss how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) will be financed  aka Financing for development(FfD)

unlike the Millennium Development Goals(MDG’s) which were 100% financed by Official Development Assistance (ODA) there is a proposal that sustainable Development Goals  (SDG’s) will be mostly financed by governments and public private partnerships(PPP’s)

The trillion dollar question is therefore “how will this financing affect the woman?”

There is no doubt the African woman will be affected by the mechanisms  that government and multinational companies which make the bulk of private investments  will have put in place to mobilize resources for development  and that is why this meeting was very important in underscoring conspicuously and robustly how the woman will be affected by this mobilization drive, some of the ways which in most case are ignored and yet are salient is the taxation burden, research has shown that in today’s world women are being disproportionately taxed ,if she is married and employed her emolument will be taxed and because she is a woman, nature expects her to be the one to make grocery purchases which have already attracted a tax in form of value added tax as well as other forms of fees and charges levied during production.  Governments and policy makers therefore need to come up with just and fair tax system which addresses such malaise.

To me the later is what opened my eyes for I had never viewed taxation in a gender perspective, hence the title of my little prose a whole new world!

The report of this meeting is hereby attached



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