A First World Problem That’s Not So First World: Breast Cancer’s Global Metastasis

Today more and more women on top of delayed childbearing, they too do not spend adequate time breastfeeding infants. The fight against cancer should start with what we know like early childbearing and adequate breastfeeding, that way we could reverse the trend. I believe

Girls' Globe

In recent years, it has been heartening to see some emerging economies manage to slowly. but surely, surmount one hurdle and then another, and bring increased opportunities to their citizens through more jobs, better education and a stronger presence on the world stage.

But though progress may be good, it can also push other issues to the fore.

Emerging economies inevitably experience growing pains as they pull themselves from poverty. One painful manifestation of this is being seen in a rising incidence in breast cancer.

A recent report found that cancer incidence rates are rising in most countries, even those with traditionally lower rates. (North America and Oceania are stable, while Israel and four European countries have fortunately seen a decrease.)

Yet thanks to the combined power of early detection and advanced treatment, death rates have simultaneously decreased in many other countries as well, making breast cancer a common illness, but less often…

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